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Millions Of Images At One Click

Millions Of Images At One Click

The structured and clear administration of the approximately 77 Million digital images of our photo database provides the optimal basis for a diverse illustration of all kinds of topics. Our extensive repertoire is supplemented daily by 45,000 new, incoming images from all over the world. After the material has been reviewed by our picture editors, we provide you with the best images in our exclusively prepared photo collections.

Our photos, illustrations and graphics are distributed in our web shop. Additionally, we make use of selected social media networks, in order to present our range of images to potential customers and invite them to visit our online shop. All images in our image database are available in the quality levels ‘Hires‘ (for particularly detailed motifs) and ‘Midres’ (longest side between 768 and 1,000 pixels). Our web shop functions as a multi-faceted catalogue containing archived images of current and past events, to visualize all reports perfectly.

Optimal structure

To guarantee a quick review of the material, our digital images offer is separated into the following different editorial and creative picture categories:


Here you will find news photos from all over the world. For decades, our global photo reporters have captured the most spectacular events around the globe to provide the best possible images for your news reports.


Dynamic moments from the world of sports, ranging from celebrated athletes to exciting training sessions and thrilling sporting events - find unique impressions from the world of sports in the world's largest digital sports image archive.


Dazzling moments from the world of entertainment. We provide you with outstanding photo material for music magazines, art catalogues, fashion magazines and much more. Here you can easily find all VIPs and events by searching for keywords.

Politics and Economy

Digitalized images of press conferences, economic developments and Co. You have unlimited access to daily updated and archived images of world political and economic events in our image database.

Arts and Culture

Buy image licenses for images from the world of arts and culture. Find treasures, ranging from past extraordinary paintings to unique design styles. We have documented all artistic gems in a structured manner in our image database.

Science and Technology

We document milestones and innovations, ranging from times long past as well as from current events for you to visually complement extensive explanations.

Stock photos

Symbol pictures, infographics and illustrations. We support you in communicating a wide range of subject matters with a unique range of stock photos, recorded in our image catalogue.

Travel and Nature

Awaken your readers' thirst for adventure with our photos. Search for the most diverse countries and animal species by using explicit keywords on the topic of 'nature'.

Archived For A Long Time - Immediately In Your Shopping Cart

The extensive capacity of our image archive with more than 1.5 million images can be documented in the smallest space thanks to the possibilities of modern digital progress. Despite our longstanding collection of images, you are able, due to the structured storage, to locate any image file within a very short time. The keywording and categorization of versatile topics facilitates individual research. Our search functions enable you to find individual images more easily, even in large image collections. We supplement all the images in our image database by manually adding the names of the relevant photographers and, if applicable, the responsible agencies. As a server-based image database you have nearly worldwide access to our image repertoire - no matter whether you are writing your next article from Australia, Brazil or France.

Fascinating Collections On A Variety Of Themes

In addition, our range of photos is divided into collections. Thus, you can access the material you need within seconds, when looking for a specific event, such as a current political issue, a sporting event or a celebrity. All images in our database are available for immediate licensing. In addition to the category ‘Collections’ there are the categories ‘Events’ and ‘Preview’. These are composed of compiled archived images of various events. Here, too, we work with the assignment of keywords such as "wedding", "Angela Merkel" or "Tour de France" in order to facilitate individual searches in our system and to provide visual support for various contributions in different types of media.

You Couldn't Find Your Desired Photo Despite A Comprehensive Search Function?

In addition to our independent picture search, we also offer the service of our Picture Desk to support you in your research. Hereby, we offer you the possibility of contract photography, by means of which you can order the picture material optimally tailored to your needs through a preceding briefing.