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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General: Login, Registration, Image Database

How do I set up a user account with imago images?icon down
Log in with your data on our site. Then click on the activation link, which we will send you by email. Then you can use the imago images database without any restrictions.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?icon down
You can unsubscribe at any time using the respective link provided in each newsletter.

Can I search for keywords in another language?icon down
You can find our pictures with the help of German and English search terms.

Can I buy photos from imago images as an individual?icon down
You can buy photos from imago images as an individual (e.g. if you work as a freelance picture editor for different clients). Our offer is aimed at professional image users.

I have created a pin board under My Images and would like to download all images at once. Is that possible?icon down
With the help of the "collective download of all pictures as zip" you can download all photos at the same time. If you have saved more pictures under My pictures than activated downloads, the download will be done chronologically up to the maximum possible number of downloads.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?icon down
You can reach our picture editors daily from 6 a.m. to midnight by phone: +49 30 4748 07-48
Do you have any questions about our offers? Then you can reach us at

How can I download a picture within my booked package?icon down
After booking an imago images package, we have activated the booked number of downloads for your account. Once you have found a picture, you can download it using the buttons M (Midres) and H (Highres) in the respective quality. Please note that every download is counted.

Are there image compilations to inspire me?icon down
Our picture editors create daily updated collections on various topics. You can find them under collections und current events.

Product information

What happens to my unused downloads when my package ends?icon down
At the end of the package term, your unused downloads expire.

The quality of the downloaded file is not as I expected.icon down
Please contact us at +49 30 773 78 97 0 or via our contact form.

Can I use imago images images for free?icon down
No, every use of our images is subject to a fee. With the purchase and payment of an image license, you may officially use images and the authors receive a fair payment for their work.

What are Medium Downloads and Highres Downloads?icon down
Medium Downloads - is the description for downloads in medium resolution of 768px longest page. Highres downloads have a high resolution of about 1000px to 9000px. You find the exact data per picture in the picture preview.

Can I book several packages at the same time?icon down
Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to book several packages at the same time. If you wish an individual solution, please contact us.

How long can I use the pictures from the package?icon down
The period of use for image licenses that you have purchased in one package is unlimited.

Can I return/cancel a download or an order?icon down
At the moment cancellations are unfortunately not possible.

Can I save a preselection?icon down
You have the possibility to save your images under My Images.

How do I save images under My Images?icon down
With the help of the "+" sign you can temporarily save your selected photos under My Images.


How many downloads can I still use?icon down
Under Account details you will find an overview of the previous and still available downloads.

How do I see which images I have already downloaded?icon down
Under Account Details you can view your download statistics including the photos you have already downloaded.

How can I update my data?icon down
Log in to your user account. Under Account details kyou can view the currently saved data and update it if necessary.

Can I delete my user account?icon down
Yes, even if we regret this, you can deactivate your user account. Write us an e-mail with the subject "Account deletion".

What happens if I forget my password?icon down
We will help you: Please enter your e-mail address under Forgot password and you will shortly receive a message from us or contact your account manager.

What payment options does imago offer?icon down
You can pay by credit card, instant bank transfer, invoice or PayPal.

Are my online purchases taxed?icon down
Yes, your online purchases are taxed. The VAT on pictures is currently 5%. On our invoices, both the net amount, the VAT on your online purchases and the VAT on your online purchases are taxed. The net amount, the VAT amount and the gross amount are listed separately on our invoices.

Legal: Types of use, licenses and usage

What is copyright?icon down
Copyright refers to the protection of intellectual property and protects the work of e.g. authors, musicians, photographers, artists etc. created by personal and intellectual creation.

What are the legal requirements for personal photos?icon down
The valid regulations with regard to the personal rights of depicted natural or legal persons must be observed during publication; these can be found, for example, in §22, 23 KUG. In particular, the defamatory or distorting use of the photographic material should always be avoided.

In the case of commercial use, it must be clarified whether a model release exists or whether the rights to the depicted property must be clarified with the person depicted or the copyright holder. Images for commercial use cannot currently be obtained directly from the web shop.

Rights to possibly depicted artistic works cannot be obtained by imago images.

How should the picture credits be made?icon down
When publishing the imago images pictures, please state an agency and copyright notice in the form imago images/name of the photographer. The necessary information can be found in the image description.

Can I use images in social media?icon down
You may use images in social media for editorial purposes, but you must ensure that the terms of use of the social media platform do not require exclusive rights to the images. When posting imago images, please include an agency and copyright notice in the form imago images /name of the photographer. The necessary information can be found in the image description.

How will my data be stored?icon down
imago images is privacy very important. All information on the use of your data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

In which countries can I publish the images?icon down
Basically you can use the pictures worldwide. In individual cases, individual countries may be excluded. You may find this information in the image description.